Our Story

At TRINEC GPS Solutions Ltd, we offer a unique solution that covers all security challenges faced by vehicle owners including; individual owners, fleet owners, delivery and transportation companies, schools, NGOs, governments, financial institutions, Tour and public transport operators, Taxi Operators, Leasing and Car Rental companies et cetera.

Our business boasts of a high quality tracking devices coupled with a user friendly but robust web based tracking platform to give the best in class tracking services to our clients. We guarantee that our solution is Safe, Secure and Smart enough to meet your fleet management requirements.

Message from the CEO

Welcome and thank you for visiting TRINEC GPS Solutions website.

When we set out 3 years ago to start a fleet management company, our goal was to have a system that gives the user flexibility in fleet management. One that would allow the user sift through his fleet no matter the diverse fleet management solution packages subscribed by a particular vehicle or motorbike on their fleet.

Am therefore happy to introduce to you TRINEC GPS Solutions Limited which has since its inception, provided clients with an all in one solution that allows users flexibility in choosing product packages for the different elements of their fleet while allowing them to have a fulll glance of their fleet in one application.

Our team is committed to provide quality service by providing on-site trainings, refresher trainings and professional asset security installation services to ensure 24/7 asset visibility.

Maurice Twesiime

Operations Manager